• Do boys take dance? YES! ABSOLUTELY! Male students are encouraged to take dance, and if they are interested, to try out for Scarlets.

  • I am an athlete. Why should I take dance for my fine arts credit? Dance has been proven over and over again to be an excellent way to cross-train for serious athletes. We will improve your flexibility, core control (balance), footwork, overall strength, and stability. These improvements will help you in injury prevention, stamina/endurance, mobility, and agility. Your coaches will see a significant difference in your sport-specific performance if you take a dance class at Weiss.

  • Does it cost money? Yes, but very little. You will be expected to purchase a Weiss Dance t-shirt, which will cost $10. Any other dance clothing may be brought from home or purchased through the Discount Dance Supply online store (link above).

  • Will I have to perform? Yes. You will perform in the Howliday Festival and Spring Dance Showcase. You will perform dances we have been working on in class, and you will be in a large group. You will never be forced to perform a solo! By showtime, you'll be incredibly confident in yourself!

  • Do I need a physical? No. You do not need a physical to enroll in dance class.

  • What if I want to be in a more challenging class? If you are currently enrolled in Dance 1, please come chat with Mrs. A about potentially moving up to Dance 2-4 or Drill Team Prep.

  • I have been dancing for a long time. What should I do? You should audition for Scarlets the week of March 8-11, 2021! We move at a much faster pace and perform much more advanced choreography. Come see us at one of our many performances throughout the year!

  • I really want to try out for Scarlets. What should I do to prepare? Join our Drill Team Prep Class! We will focus on gaining flexibility and strength while working on the skills necessary for tryouts. 

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